So this was a cool assignment for yours truly!

On Wednesday's Donovan Live, I ventured out to ClusterTruck, a new kind of food delivery service company here in Cleveland.

What's so new about ClusterTruck?

  • They have a full kitchen built specifically for delivery, cooking up food to order and taking it directly out the door.
  • The people preparing your food are some of the finest local chefs in the business, whipping up masterful culinary experiences—inspired by food trucks.
  • Since customers meet ClusterTruck's drivers at the curb, there is no charge for delivery.

Here's what I also like about ClusterTruck: They use analytics in a GOOD way. Their technology helps the kitchen coordinate prep time for food based on the GPS location of the driver.

And the menu truly offers something for everyone: From pizza to salad, from burgers to Asian cuisine, and much more.

Check out my conversation with R.J. from ClusterTruck in the player above. We also chatted for a few minutes on WKYC's Facebook Live, which you can see below.