Cell Phone Savings

Every so often when I hear about a great cell phone plan I share it. Cause they're not cheap The majority of users pay between $50 to $100 a month. But how'd you like to pay close to zero?!

Sprint offers an unlimited plan...if you switch from another carrier and use your own phone.

You have to pay for a new SIM card and shipping which is $12.99. There's a monthly administrative fee of $1.99. And there's a $30 activation fee, although you'll get a credit for that two months later.

You also have to enroll in its eBill and AutoPay program.

But a year of unlimited service for about $29 is pretty darn good.

Then there's Freedom Pop which uses Sprint's network.

They have two plans where you get 200 minutes of voice and text and 500MB of data for free. Which is not a lot. The average smart phone owner uses between 2-5 GB. So, this is for light users.

In one of the plans you buy a refurbished phone from them, with prices starting at $30. In the other, you bring your own phone but they charge you $20 upfront for activation.

And remember, you may also be eligible for free service through the government's Lifeline program, for people on limited incomes.

Boosting your paycheck

And here's another way to save every month...change your tax withholdings to take advantage of the new tax cuts.

When you start a job your employer estimates the tax you owe based on a W4 form you fill out. That's where you pick how many dependents or exemptions you have.

But with the new tax code, double check it to see if your employer is taking out enough. If not, the government keeps it and collects the interest until you file in April 2019.

If they're taking out too little, you could owe with penalties.

The IRS has a withholding calculator to help you figure it out. You could end up with a little extra money in your paycheck.

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