CLEVELAND - Jimmy Donovan gets lots of things in his mailbox at WKYC studios, but he recently got a piece of mail he couldn't put down.

It's a book called "Parting Shots", and it was sent to him from John and Marian D'Amico, who may be some of the biggest Browns fans in Northeast Ohio.

For years the couple had season tickets and you could find them at the Muni Lot at 4 a.m. before a game at the old Municipal Stadium, win or lose (but if you ask them, those losses did hurt.)

It was at the end of the Browns run at the stadium that inspired "Parting Shots." They knew someone who knew someone who let them in before it closed for good, and the couple took the photos displayed in this book.

After much back and forth about putting the photos in an actual compilation, they decided on it one Christmas when a printing website slashed their prices almost in half.

These days, John and Marian are selling limited copies of the book, still tailgating every Browns game they can manage, and listening to Jimmy Donovan call the ones they can't.

If you would like a copy of "Parting Shots", email them at "". Copies are limited.