I'm torn.

On one hand, I'm glad that the Indians and Major League Baseball have decided to remove Chief Wahoo from the team's uniforms starting in 2019. It was offensive to a lot of people and the Tribe had been slowly and quietly phasing it out anyway.

However, I do understand why there are upset fans tonight. Some who would say that you'd have to pry away the Chief from their cold, dead hands. It's a symbol of Indians baseball that's been generational. We've grown up with him, we used to see him greet us at old Municipal Stadium, we have shirts, pennants, hats, with him on it.

Take these unsolicited texts I received from two different friends on this issue tonight.

"I love Chief Wahoo for sentimental reasons, but let's be serious everyone: It's racist to a lot of people and we live in different times now."

"The only time these protestors have been out there has been on Opening Day when there were a lot of people, and a lot of TV cameras. They stayed away after that until the next opening day."

So on Monday evening's Donovan Live Postgame Show, Jimmy and I tried to look at this from both sides. If you are upset that Chief Wahoo is going away from Indians uniforms, just remember that the team isn't relinquishing the trademark, so you'll still be able to buy merchandise at Progressive Field and in the Northeast Ohio area.

You'll always have your memories and your memorabilia. They can't take them away from you.

For those who had a problem with Chief Wahoo, take comfort that the commissioner of baseball was compassionate to your concerns and acted properly. As Jimmy mentioned on Monday night during 'Jimmy's Take,' the climate around the country these days is towards sensitivity and political correctness, whether we like that or not.

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