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Pat Lovejoy – You Can Help Children Learn about Fire Safety by Collecting Aluminum Cans

Everyone can participate in Aluminum Cans for Burned Children’s recycling program . All you have to do is save your aluminum beverage cans and encourage your friends, fellow students, and neighbors to pitch in their cans too!

Aluminum Cans for Burned Children is a non-profit recycling program that uses proceeds from collecting cans to teach children about fire safety and burn prevention and to help children survive trauma of a burn injury. The organization's Executive Director, Pat Lovejoy, joined Tiffany to talk about their mission and about how YOU can help!

Below are the questions Tiffany asked Pat:

Tell us more about Aluminum Cans for Burned Children ?
Tell us about Camp Phoenix ?
How can the public help, how can organizations help?
What avenues are there for donating?
Where can they learn more about our program?

Will you participate in Aluminum Cans for Burned Children recycling program? Find us on social media at ‘We the People’ and let us know!

For More Information:
Aluminum Cans for Burned Children

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