The May Dugan Center helps people enrich and advance their lives and communities. The organization is celebrating 50 years! On the show was Rick A. Kemm, Executive Director of the May Dugan Center and Andy Trares, Deputy Director of Food, Clothing & Fresh Produce to tell us more!

Below are questions Tiffany had for Rick and Andy:
This is May Dugan Center’s 50th Anniversary, tell us a little bit about the history. Was May Dugan a real person?
What services do you provide to the community?
Can anyone come for services?
You said you were trauma informed, what does that mean?
How many people in any given year do you serve?
Tell us about the community cook-out.

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’, and let us know if you will be celebrating the May Dugan Center’s 50th Anniversary with them!

For more information: 
May Dugan Center
Phone: 216-631-5800
M-F | 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
4115 Bridge Ave., Cleveland