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Brunswick teen Summer Rios falls short in bid to advance to 'America's Got Talent' final round

Congratulations to Summer for an amazing job on 'AGT.'

LOS ANGELES — She did her best, but came up just short. 

19-year-old Summer Rios of Brunswick found out on Wednesday's America's Got Talent that she did not have quite enough votes to advance to the final round of this season's competition.

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The official America's Got Talent X (formerly Twitter) page posted Summer' performance from Tuesday's show, which can be seen below.

Rios' return to the AGT stage this week came after she previously earned a standing ovation for her first audition with the following praise from all four judges:

  • Howie Mandel: I feel like we just got a peek at what you can do, and you needed to open this door a crack. You’ve opened it more than a crack to just take off.
  • Heidi Klum: I loved it. To me you sounded a little bit like you swallowed Rihanna. You have a beautiful, beautiful tone in your voice. I think it was absolutely incredible.
  • Sofia Vergara: Your voice is spectacular. You belong on a stage. Don’t waste more time. Live your best life. Don’t be scared anymore.
  • Simon Cowell: Summer, what a great, great choice of song. I think every single person in this room wanted you to do well. Yeah, we all like you.

You can watch her first audition in the video below...

Before her audition aired on AGT, Rios joined us live at WKYC Studios to discuss her ultimate career goals.

“Hopefully selling out tours and arenas, traveling like crazy. Doing more stuff like this," Rios told 3News' Matt Rascon and Laura Caso. "I never went to college because music has always been the thing that inspired me the most in life, so not going to college was a huge risk. But if this ends up working out, then it would be an absolute dream.”

Rios also explained where she finds the motivation to write her own songs.

“I write about personal experiences," Rios said. "I think when people write music it’s to connect with other people and tell a story, so I use my personal stuff that goes on in my life and I either say it how it is or I transform it a little bit that way other people are understanding in their own perspective. I write a lot of stuff about mental health, depression, school, society, anything like that.”


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