Logan Paul's at it again.

The YouTube star and Westlake, Ohio native recently made a comeback, claiming redemption in one of his newest videos. After announcing his comeback in a video posted Sunday, Paul uploaded a video one day later that has animal rights activists enraged.

The video shows Paul using a Taser on a pair of dead rats. He also removes a live fish from a pond, placing it on the ground before poking it. He pretends to perform "CPR"" on the fish by poking it before his friends yell to put it back in the water.

On Friday, YouTube announced plans to suspend ads on Paul's channels, the harshest punishment he's received from the site yet.

PETA also issued a statement, calling for the video to be removed.

It wasn't the first time Paul showed disrespect for the dead. He received the most backlash last month, when he filmed a body in Japan's Aokigahara forest, where people are known to take their own lives. In another manner of disrespect, Paul recorded video of himself running around Japan wearing Asian conical farmer hats and kimonos.

"Tokyo is a real-life cartoon," Paul said in the video, where he also smashes Nintendo Gameboys on the ground and throws plush Pokeballs at Japanese citizens. He's also seen dropping his pants in the center of a busy Japanese street.

YouTube removed premium ad content from Paul's videos following the backlash from his suicide forest video in January.

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