This Friday, Gerald, Edwin, (Stephen) Paul, and Raymond Glinsky will board a Southwest Airlines flight from Cleveland to Washington D.C. through a non-profit organization called Honor Flight.

The organization gives Veterans an opportunity to visit their service branch memorials and to provide closure and receive recognition for their sacrifice and military service to our country.

All four submitted applications two years ago but learned there were more than 800 on the waiting list and the oldest are taken first. They would have to wait a few years for their chance.

That's when Gerald's son, Matt, sent some letters of his own explaining the service of his father and uncles.

An Honor Flight tribute director called him back and offered all four brothers a trip through the Lone Eagle program sponsored by Southwest Airlines. Instead of traveling for a day, they'll spend the weekend in D.C.

But they were required to bring two guardians. Who better than their youngest brother and sister?

So all 6 siblings will be traveling on Friday.