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What to know about women's health services in Ohio affected by abortion ban: Mom Squad with 3News' Maureen Kyle

Many women are concerned about what other reproductive health services are affected after Roe v Wade was overturned. An OB-GYN talks about what is still legal.

CLEVELAND — Ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade several weeks ago, there's been a lot of confusion over what is legal and what is illegal in Ohio. As of right now, abortion is illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is about six weeks into a pregnancy.

But social media posts in the days following pulled into question situations like treatment for miscarriages, fetal anomalies and ectopic pregnancies. In this week's Mom Squad, 3News' Maureen Kyle talks to OB-GYN Dr. Ashley Brant with the Cleveland Clinic about what health services can still be provided to women.

“When a pregnancy occurs somewhere like the fallopian tube or the ovary or even somewhere else, that is not a part of the body that is designed to carry a pregnancy for nine months” says Dr. Brant, specifically talking about ectopic pregnancies.

“So those pregnancies can be life-threatening to the pregnant person, and so the law, the heartbeat law in Ohio, completely excludes ectopic pregnancies, so those are not considered abortions, ectopic pregnancies, under the law in Ohio.”

Dr. Brant says the Cleveland Clinic has an expansive legal team that they are relying on to back them up when it comes to reproductive health decisions for women. To listen to the entire conversation, you can download “Mom Squad Pod” anywhere you get your podcasts or you can watch now on the WKYC streaming channel.

Listen to the full podcast below:



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