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Mom Squad: Tackling homework struggles

There is a time of day when doing homework is most effective for your child's well-being. If your kid is struggling, our parenting and education expert has advice.

CLEVELAND — Now that kids are back to school, it's time for the crazy fall schedule juggle. It can be tough going from the lazy days of summer, to the hectic routine of school, homework, practices and extra curriculars. If you're finding yourself struggling with homework meltdowns, you're not alone.

On today’s Mom Squad, Maureen Kyle talked to Laura Linn Knight, a parenting expert and former educator, about how to time out when your child should be doing their homework.

“What I find is, most children say, ‘I want a bit of a break,'” says Linn Knight.

She says most kids want the downtime as soon as they walk in the door. They’ve had a lot of learning for the past several hours, and they might be craving a little one on one time with you as their parent.

“If they're older, and then, 'Yes let's go do our activity' or 'let's do homework as soon as we get home before we have dinner.' And there's no easy way because we can't add time to the day. I wish we could just kind of extend it and give those extra hours," Linn Knight said,

There’s also a sure-fire way to know if your kids are overscheduled and exhausted.

“If you find your child can't get their homework done and they're melting down and it's a struggle, then it's a time to reevaluate how many after school activities you're doing, because sometimes we just can't do it all," Linn Knight said.

To hear the entire interview with Laura Linn Knight, including when to loop your child’s teacher into a larger plan for homework, watch the entire episode in the player below or on Apple, Roku and Fire TV. If you don’t have those, you can watch it on our WKYC YouTube channel.



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