Could getting Chipotle get any better? 

The fast-food chain is proving that it can, with the development of their drive-thru lanes.

Called “Chipotlanes” the new addition to the franchises allows patrons to order their food online and receive their food without ever leaving their vehicle.

The lanes are currently being testing out in 10 cities across the U.S. including locations in northeast Ohio. 

The franchise located at 10325 Cascade Crossing in Brooklyn, OH is the most recent location to begin offering the service.

There are currently five restaurants in Ohio that offer “Chipotlanes.”

  • Brooklyn(Cleveland)
  • Pickerington (Columbus)
  • Obetz(Columbus)
  • Concord Township(Cleveland)
  • Oregon( Toledo)

Additional “Chipotlanes” being tested are located in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.