How much is too much when it comes to holiday decorations?

"It's never too much when it’s decorating for Christmas," said Diane Andexlar, of Cuyahoga Falls. "My mother loved Christmas and she passed away. [My son] just keeps doing more and more for grandma."

Too much? Not for this Cuyahoga Falls family. 42 holiday inflatables and counting. @wkyc

— Amani Abraham (@AmaniAbraham) December 20, 2017

Each of the 42 holiday inflatables have been lined up and strategically placed in the Andexlar's front yard on Washington Ave., nearly covering every inch of grass.

"Every year we try to add a little more to it," Andexlar said.

Diane Andexler’s son, Edward, puts together the display every year, including a separate display for Halloween.

"We can fit more in there but you don’t want to get them too close because then they can’t really see what you got."

There are 42 inflatables today, but by next year the number may snowball.

"[My son] is looking forward to the day after Christmas so he can go by more at half price."

This isn't the only home that proudly displays its holiday inflatables. A home in Tallmadge (below) on East Avenue off Tallmadge Circle has also captured the attention of residents.