BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio — Our Wags 4 Warriors puppy, Roxy, has had a few days to settle into her new home, but now it’s down to business.

Her handler, Kayla DeLorenzo, took her for her first check up at Apple Hill Animal Hospital on Monday morning.

It was all a bit intimidating for the almost 9-week-old puppy, standing in the vestibule of the clinic, literally shaking.

WATCH | Roxy makes her live TV debut

It took only minutes for her to carefully prance to the waiting area, where her handler sat with her in her lap.

"I feel like she's just a little shy at first, then she warms right up,” DeLorenzo said.

Dr. Lydia Rust is the vet taking care of Roxy.

She said the beginning stages of the service dog’s life is pretty routine. Puppy check ups every month, vaccinations and wellness exams.

Of course, Dr. Rust knows what to look for since she’s given the thumbs up to many other service dogs through Wags 4 Warriors.

"You want a dog who isn't afraid and is a bit more outgoing, more willing to approach people, less hiding," Dr. Rust said. "Sometimes you can just see it in them, from the first time they come.” 

DeLorenzo said Roxy has started to develop her personality and she’s been adapting well to her new environment.

“She's very vocal and she does what she wants!” DeLorenzo said.

The first vet trip was a success and we’ll continue to follow the journey as Roxy gets socialized and trained in the next few weeks. 

"She's in really good hands,” Dr. Rust said. “I know they're going to train her really well."