We've seen it before.

Malls closing up shop and sitting empty for years. That's a problem we've seen in Akron, Euclid, and North Randall.

Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda doesn't want to see that happen in her city.

"A lot of our big box stores are having difficulty. And Midway Mall is not unique. You're finding this happens all over the country," she says.

Midway Mall lost a majority of its anchor stores, with Dillard's, Sears, and Macy's all closing in recent years.

"It's a challenge and I think cities need to be innovative and open to different uses," Brinda added.

Innovative? Got it. How about this new store?

Johnny K's Powersports. They're going to be the newest tenant in Midway Mall, moving into the 103,000 square feet of space left behind by Macy's. They specialize in selling to enthusiasts.

Just imagine: Off-road, watercrafts, snowmobiles, and motorcycles...all connected to a mall.

"At first it was a little concerning," admits owner John Kalogerou. "But after thinking about it and business planning, it makes a lot of sense. We are a destination. People travel to us because there aren't a lot of dealerships."

Malls that have already closed are often replaced by warehouses. In North Randall, a huge Amazon distribution center is filling that space. There's a similar project happening in Euclid.

But alternatives are preferred. City council in Mentor designated Great Lakes Mall a "Community Entertainment District," with 'Round 1' moving in to take over for Dillard's.

Johnny K's looks like the best option for Elyria.

"It's a niche business that will actually attract people from outside Lorain County into Elyria, which is what we think we need in that area," says Brinda.

"It's sad to see and hear the downside of everyone saying it's going to close. I think it needs help in the sense of something different," adds Kalogerou. "It's exciting to help be a part of that. Hopefully it changes things."