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Breaking down the 'neck mess' trend: Advice for how to style your necklaces for fall

3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams visits PorterFi in Rocky River to talk about the right way to layer necklaces for every neckline.

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — Jaeda Kinkoph is the creative force behind Porterfi, a non-traditional jewelry store in Rocky River, where she's quickly become known for her unique offerings and jewelry philosophy.

"I would say that life is short, wear the jewelry," she told 3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams.

And when it comes to wearing the jewelry, Jaeda says, simple additions can elevate an entire outfit.

"Even if you're bumming it for the day and you have a t-shirt and sweats on, throwing on just a really great necklace really kind of lifts you up and makes you feel more together.

Jaeda says her personal jewelry style has changed over the years, but these days, she is all about the "neck mess" - a carefully curated layered look with multiple necklaces.

"I like to mix it up so you don't want to have say three or four necklaces where it's just a simple gold chain and a charm. It's a little too one note. So layering in something with color or beads is really nice, layering in a piece that is actually attached to the chain adds another element to it. And then mixing up your chains....those are going to kind of help them stand out against each other."

But it’s also about knowing proportions and playing to your necklines, so Hallie asked Jaeda to show us how it’s done on three different necklines - the button down, the V-neck, and the classic crew.

If you're looking for a place to start, Jaeda recommends looking for a necklace that has an 18-inch chain.

"For most people, that kind of falls right below the collarbone. It's going to differ on everybody's body type, but I think an 18 inch chain works for basically everybody."

And, she says, there are no rules when it comes to mixing metals, or price points.

"Mixing and matching the high and low just like we do in fashion, I think is totally okay," she told Hallie. "Mixing and matching is going to help you build your fine jewelry collection as well. So maybe you do have a lot of lower end pieces and you want to start building a collection. Coming in and finding a fine jewelry piece to add into it is totally perfect. And then as you feel you're ready, you can build on from there."

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