For a long time, the formula to success was high school, college degree, then a career in your field of study.

But,many young people today are foregoing that route and becoming "makers".

Self taught and self motivated to make their way.

Photojournalist Carl Bachtel introduces us to two young men, forging their own path to the future.

In a quiet Goodyear Heights neighborhood, the fires of creativity are burning hot.

Akron has always been a city of makers, and now what's old is new again.

"It's kind of like a revolution, I think. Being a maker and making things from scratch has kind of come full circle."

Andy and his assistant Nick are self-taught bladesmiths. They design, cut, grind, forge, and finish top quality knives of all kinds, from blade to handle to sheath, all by hand.

"I think being a maker in Akron, the environment translates to our work, that comes into our heads and comes out in the form of knife blades."

Andy has two years on the anvil and Nick about a year.

Their passion is evident in their work. There's something about making it yourself.

"It's absolutely awesome to have that control. Being to manipulate steel with heat and a hammer is unlike anything else today."

Hiding in that steel is what's possible for Andy and Nick. Their muscle, sweat, and heart is hammered into each blade.

"It's a tool, but it's artwork."

Using hammer and heat is how Colony Knife Company sees the possible for the future.