Maegan Dessasure, a young mother with three boys, is on a mission to further her education. She didn’t finish high school so she needed a program that could help her obtain a GED. Fortunately, Cuyahoga County Public Library had a program that fit her needs perfectly.

According to Maegan, “It was convenient because I didn't' have to worry about finding a babysitter like other classes I went to and ended up giving up on. And then my children were learning as well.”

The program is called Families Learning Together and takes place at the Parma Snow and Maple Heights branches of the library. It combines a GED program for parents with education based child services for kids, allowing parents like Maegan to focus without worries.

Hallie Rich from the Cuyahoga County Public Library says families learning together gives parents that opportunity to continue doing their classes and keep their kids in a safe and educational environment.
The program is also designed to help open the line of communication between parents and their children, with curriculums that cover similar topics.

“They're actually able to talk about what they learned and they will focus on the same kinds of issues and the same kinds of topics. And it gives that chance for expanded or extended learning.” says Rich.
Families Learning Together is a six week program and runs during summer months with a class already in session.

Maegan says she’ll soon have her associates degree which means she can go further for her bachelors degree. Her advice for others in her situation? “You can't do it without that first step. Your GED.”

Just as the program has opened the doors for Maegan to go to college, it can do the same for you. To learn more, visit Cuyahoga County Library’s website.