Editor’s note (Jan. 19, 2018): The man in this story called WKYC to notify us the case is done. We checked the court records and found he entered a plea of no contest to lesser charges. He incurred $773 in court costs.

A local father’s trip to Disney World was anything but magical after he was charged for allegedly neglecting his infant son while drinking at a poolside bar.

As his wife and two daughters were at a cheerleading event on Monday, witnesses say 35-year-old Brian Olmstead of Brunswick got drunk at the Art of Animation Resort, while his son became severely sunburnt beside him.

At one point police say Olmstead was escorted back to his room, only to return and threaten guests; allegedly charging them with a stroller, shouting racial slurs, and even telling a deputy that “Donald Trump was going to kill him.”

The family returned home to Ohio Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s unfortunate and he’s going to get the help that he truly needs to get,” said Destiny Olmstead, Brian’s wife. “But you know, he’s a great father.”

The couple was also quick to show their 7-month-old son, Blake, who has eczema, they say, and not severe burns.

Brian Olmstead believes the police reports got much of the truth wrong.

He said he only had three drinks at the bar, was never cut off, and became mad after a couple called him an “unfit father.”

He said he was never given an escort, never charged anyone, and never said the President would kill anyone.

He did admit he needs help for his drinking, however, and plans to enter a residential treatment program.

“He has a problem and he’s addressing it,” Destiny Olmstead said. “It’s not something that happens all the time.”

Despite the very public and embarrassing ordeal, the family appeared to be in good spirits.