SANDUSKY, Ohio — It’s the second oldest amusement park in North America, and in 2020 Cedar Point will celebrate its milestone 150th anniversary.

The planning is already underway, and park officials are asking fans to help pick the perfect retro item to resurrect.

“We’re in a 150th anniversary meeting and want your opinion,” Cedar Point’s Tony Clark tweeted Thursday afternoon. “If we could bring a retro CP food item you remember from years ago, what would you want to see? GO!”

Dozens of people weighed in, with many fondly pleading to see the return of the unforgettable fruit-shaped drink sippers. Like this one.

But what else is coming for the big 150th anniversary? Clark offered a few more teases when he spoke with WKYC about the 2020 season last September.

“We are, of course, planning some big things. The difficult part for us, is what is that gonna be? Is it gonna be a huge attraction? Or is it gonna be multiple experiences? Or is it gonna be retro everything? You can probably plan on there being lots of retro stuff hearkening back to our early history. Some of it from our history that most of us today remember, so things from maybe the ‘70s on. Maybe some new attractions, too. We are planning for that now.”

But wait... There's more!

“If you’re expecting one giant 800-foot roller coaster, probably not gonna happen. But, if you’re expecting multiple cool things, that’s probably more along the lines of what we’re thinking. It’s such a big celebration. You can’t just celebrate with a roller coaster. It’s got to be multiple things, and things for everybody in the family. That’s really what we’re focused on.”

Cedar Point opens for its 2019 season on Saturday, May 11.