It seems like everywhere you look someone is not feeling well. Something is going around, but what is it?

Dr. Roy Buchinsky, Director of wellness for University Hospitals tell WKYC that they've seen an uptick in visits within the last weeks.

Alex Friedman was supposed to be heading back to school until he woke up this morning feeling under the weather.

His mom Tammy was the one who made the call to University Hospitals.

"Once he had the fever and the body aches it wasn't just a cold in my mom opinion," said Tammy.

Colds and the flu have so much in common that it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. Both are caused by viruses that infect your airways. They also have some of the same symptoms that can leave you feeling miserable.

Dr. Buchinsky broke down how you can tell if you have the flu or just a common cold.

It's never too late to get the flu shot, wash your hands, and stay home if you feel sick.