SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio -- South Euclid Police Department is warning people pumping gas to be on the lookout because several purse thefts have been reported.

Police say these thieves look for a woman pumping gas by themselves, because the woman will usually have a purse and that purse will be sitting unattended on the passenger seat with the door unlocked.

While the woman is pumping gas, the thieves sneak up and reach through the unlocked door to grab the purse and drive away before the woman even knows she’s missing something. The entire crime takes only about 20 seconds.

Police say the best advice is to make sure your car is locked while you're at the gas pump. Keep your windows rolled up as well.

For anyone at the gas station that may see something suspicious, be a good witness. If you see something, get a good description and a license plate to help police track down any stolen property.