Since his retirement from WKYC Channel 3, Tom Beres volunteers for the American Cancer Society, driving patients to and from their appointments.

A simple, yet valuable gesture that puts those in need of transportation on the road to recovery.

"It's rewarding, it's flexible, and I'm glad I did it," Beres tells Channel 3's Monica Robins.

The program allows volunteers like Tom to decide how often and how far they would like to drive patients to and from their doctor appointments. Once a driver passes a screening, they can access a database and find patients who need a ride. Volunteers have the flexibility to choose how often and how far they'll drive.

"You made things a little easier for a person going through a very difficult time an ordeal and you helped them out a little bit, it's a good feeling," Beres adds.

Tom says sometimes he gets recognized and discusses politics with patients, but mainly he hopes others who are able to give a little of their own time to help those in need do so.

To learn more about the program, click HERE.