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The message from 'Aspire Higher' to help you live your best life: You Are Not Alone mental health series with 3News' Hollie Strano

We talk with author Ken Lindner about his new book.

CLEVELAND — As the holidays approach, it's easy to feel overwhelmed -- but there is a new book out by author Ken Lindner called Aspire Higher, which is aimed at helping us maintain our best selves. We sat down to talk with Lindner about the significance of it all.

"So I wrote Aspire Higher to give everyone the clear and actionable steps to make positive choices that reflect your highest self, your highest goals and your highest values," he explains.

Lindner says the book lays out his formula for moving forward in life, and how that can lead to more positive thinking. He says that idea transformed what he calls solutionary thinking. Lindner says he used to think of that as finding the best solution to your problems until he broadened his thought process.

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"A solutionary to me means not only do you find constructive solutions to the problems that you're facing, but you find solutions that benefit others, that take others into account, that elevate others," he says.

The book is out just in time for the holidays. Not just as a gift for someone you love, but as a tool for all of us to reference in such a busy time of year.

"I believe we want to put positivity and love and peace and purpose in our hearts at the holidays. And in new year, we want to jumpstart our lives with great life choices. We want to turn the page, we want a better life and part of better life choices will put your life on the right track."

Lindner is the founder of “Positive Life Choice Psychology." He studied the art of decision-making since going to college at Harvard where he wrote his honors thesis on the effects of our life choices. You can order the book at his Positive Life Choice website, by clicking here.