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Kick Start your Resolution: 2022 travel outlook

Expect a big boom in international travel if the year keeps up as expected.

CLEVELAND — As we look ahead to 2022 we know you have resolutions- and maybe one of them is to travel more. We talked with Expedia North America about the top 2022 travel trends to kick start your resolution.

Expedia's latest travel report found that while domestic travel is still most popular due to COVID-19, we can expect to see international travel boom next year. And, those who are putting travel on their 2022 to-do list, say they want to go big.

"About 68% of people are embracing this new mindset, where they don't want to have any regrets in terms of their next vacation," says Christie Hudson, a spokesperson with Expedia North America. "So for some that mind mean they want to take a bucket list trip this coming year, or it's just all about the attitude."

Expedia found 40% of travelers plan to splurge and spend more on their trip. But in terms of outlooks- when is the best time to book?

"The cheapest month to travel is actually January, and the cheapest month to travel abroad is August. So you're not only going to save a little bit, but you're also going to have less crowds," says Hudson.

The biggest way to jump start this new year- start planning now.

"I would definitely encourage you to start researching and maybe even making some plans firm now," Hudson points out. "And the big piece of advice I'd have for you to do that- is make sure you're building flexibility into your travel plans."

Flexibility can mean booking hotels that allow you to cancel last-minute, or avoid restrictive airfares that don't allow you to make changes without a fee. And a lot of times bundling hotel and air fare helps with this, something Expedia's app is really helpful with.

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