Everyday now, we watch the Olympics and witness athletes achieve their goals and fight to make their dreams of a lifetime come true.

While those athletes tackle the national stage, right here in Northeast Ohio one 9-year-old has fought for her life, and won.

Her dream, then had nothing to do with ANYTHING for herself, but for other sick kids.

Channel 3's Dawn Kendrick has the exclusive interview with Kylie Rose tonight on Channel 3 News following the Olympic Games.

Here’s a sneak peek.

At 9-years-old Kylie Rose has done more good and inspired more people than most of us will ever accomplish in a lifetime.

That cancerous Wilms tumor had reared its ugly head three times and tried so hard to win.

But cancer didn't realize it had picked a fight with the incomparable KYLIE ROSE JACOBS.

From her Hospital bed at Akron Children’s Hospital, a benevolent idea was born.

Kylie asked for a real deal sewing machine for Christmas and vowed to make “Kylie’s Bags of Love”.

She and family and friends stuff them with things like coloring books and play dough and journals and so much more.

The bags really are so much more; packed with love for kids with cancer, from a kid who beat.

Over 700 'bags of love' have been delivered to kids kicking cancer to the curb, and this is only the beginning.

Kylie Rose did it. It wasn’t easy, but this resilient beautiful fighter wanted no attention, and directed hers instead to helping others.

Now, cancer free, Kylie Rose's mom says, “I'm going to try not to cry”.

Kylie leans into her mamma on the family living room couch.

A little pillar of support even now, for the family who made supporting her the absolute number one priority.

“She has made it easier for all of us. Because that’s how she is. Positive, happy, sweet and she never complains” Kylie’s mom says.

Mom and dad’s eyes spring a leak.

“Now you’re making ME CRY.” Kylie Rose says.

This little warrior in a headband with a bow, is really a mighty force to be reckoned with when she sets out to do the good stuff.

Besides Kylie’s bags of love, she and her parents have raised thousands of dollars for Akron Children’s Hospital.

$52,000 as a matter of fact, and they hope another estimated $30,000 with this summer's “Kylie Rose's Run," that continues to grow each year in Akron.

Kylie and her race inspired Adam and Stepfanie Sheppard to start Project Outrun.

Project Outrun begins with kids fighting cancer designing personalized Nike shoes, next they set a goal, and lace up the shoes and run through the finish line once the goal is met.

The couple has given out 80 pairs so far.

They hope to gift an estimated 50 more in April and have no end in sight.

“We really want to say to them, we can’t run this race FOR you, but we will run WITH you to the finish line,” says Andy.

For the couple, Kylie Rose and her story have been life changing; an inspiration they never saw coming.

"When Kylie was in the midst of it, she gave back. So if you're not in the midst of something you better start giving, because a 9-year-old is doing it."