The frigid weather has prompted some warming shelters to open, but there are some who are braving the cold weather outside in Akron's tent city.

“This is the only form of insulation I have for the door,” Tom Fongheiser, 23, said as he lifted a thin blanket over his tent. “I've actually got a mummy bag, a standard sleeping bag for the summertime and I've padding underneath it and padding on the top. It gets to about 45 to 50 degrees.”

Fognheiser has spent the past two months at Second Chance Village. He spent the previous four months out in the woods with little resources.

Most of the tents at Second Chance Village have been lifted from the ground with the use of wooden pallets, providing protection from the cold ground. Each tent is a little different in terms of how it's insulated, including one “experimental” tent.

“It's pretty much winter ready,” Fongheiser said. “They say it's very warm in there, stays between 50 and 60 degrees.”