It’s no secret that the City of Cleveland was founded on the shores of the Great Lake Erie more than 120 years ago.

The city grew along the shores with its miles and miles of beaches and easy access to shipping and commerce. The Cuyahoga River cuts through the city, separating the east side from the west side.

It’s also no secret that, if you haven’t been to Cleveland lately, you’ve at least heard about it. Cleveland is definitely still rising.

This city on the shores is rising in other ways, what with the Lake Erie Monsters hockey team winning the Calder Cup championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship and the Republican National Convention being held here.

All of this happened this summer.

More than just spirit is rising from the waters of Lake Erie. Industry is supported by it. Many of its great attractions, like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, FirstEnergy Stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center, have the lake waters at their feet.

Cleveland even has its own submarine – the U.S.S. Cod – permanently docked here, right alongside Burke Lakefront Airport.

And water is also prominent inland as well, where fountains like the War Memorial reaches for the sky on the Mall. Even the newly renovated Public Square downtown has a water feature that is already the delight of hundreds of children.