The Cleveland Zoo debuted its trio of male otter pups during a photo opp Wednesday and the cuteness was overwhelming.

The pups officially went on exhibit with their parents Tuesday in the zoo's RainForest area.

To celebrate the exhibition of the pups, here are 10 facts about them, via the Cleveland Zoo and Smithsonian National Zoo:

1. The pups were born Sept. 24 and have been behind the scenes learning to fish and grow.

2. The pups are Asian small-clawed otters, which are native to southern India, southern China, southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

3. Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest of the otter species. They typically weigh less than 10 pounds and reach two feet in length.

4. Wild otters mainly eat crustaceans, mollusks and fish, though they also eat insects, amphibians and reptiles. They have broad teeth, good for crushing shells.

5. Otters are very social, so they live in groups of 15 to 20, though they hunt by themselves.

6. Asian small-clawed otters tend to live up to 15 years under the care of humans. Their lifespan in the wild is not known.

7. Asian small-clawed otters are very vocal and have at least 12 different vocalizations, which they use for various reasons, including greetings, threats and alarms.

8. Asian small-clawed otters are considered vulnerable in terms of conservation status. Over the last 60 years, their range has shrunk considerably, moving from west to east as their habitats are destroyed.

9. Otters have a coat of tightly-packed under-fur and long guard hairs, which are water repellent. Air pockets in their coat keep them insulated and dry while underwater, which is why they groom themselves so much.

10. According to the Cleveland Zoo, the best time to see the new pups out and about in the exhibit is during the morning.