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Cleveland residents hoping city will respond to pleas for tree removal

Downed trees from last week's severe storms are causing havoc to some Cleveland residents.

CLEVELAND — For nearly three weeks Mary Keith, a Cleveland resident, has been trying to get the city of Cleveland to cut down trees that fell on an empty lot.

That empty lot is next to another Cleveland resident's home. His name is Moses Garner. Moses Garner lost his cable and phone during last weekend's wind storm. Now his electricity is blinking on and off.

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And with the weather expected in the 90's again this week he's worried.  He's made calls to the city and no one has called him back. 

Garner says, "Answer the call let me know that you received my call. I'm on the list I'm not on the list, what to do communicate."

And there are several problems here, Garner believes there are live wires around his property that make it too dangerous to cut his lawn.  

There is some good news for Garner and other residents however. Cleveland is bringing back a much needed tree commission, the Urban Forestry Commission. Acres and acres of trees are being lost to problems just like the one causing issues to Garner. 

There are more trees in the area that are at risk of falling. It's only a matter of time before more residents are in the same, if not worse situation as Garner.

Mary told 3News she left messages for the Urban Forestry Commission but she says, no one has called her either. 

She also called Ward 6 Councilman Blaine Griffin who's been out of town.    He says quote, "I have spoken to Mary Keith and I am aware of their situation on Townsend Street. I am working to get the proper people to address the problem."

Garner, the 78 year old Vietnam veteran, is grateful Mary has been helping make calls even calling 3 news. But he wants one thing for this father's day, "Call me or tell me something."

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