Ever since his arrest last year, some families have wondered whether Christopher Whitaker could have information on other crimes too.

At least four other murders have gone unsolved in the vicinity where Alianna Defreeze was killed. They date back to late 2012.

The victims include Ashley Leszyeski, Jameela Hasan, Jazmine Trotter and Christine Malone.

On Tuesday, Malone’s son weighed in the Whitaker case.

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“When they got him in custody, we were just like ‘maybe he could have some answers,’” said Merlin Malone, Jr. “Maybe he might know who the other guys might be. He may not have committed it, but he probably might know. Just get that vital piece of information out of him.”

Merlin said the victims’ families need closure.

“You need to know who did it. What happened, who did it, and why,” he said.

Malone said he worries those answers could be lost should Whitaker get the death penalty.

At the very least, he hopes the case serves as a reminder to not forget unsolved murders in his community.