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Euclid Beach mobile home park sold to Western Reserve Land Conservancy

What's next for the former amusement park remains to be seen.

CLEVELAND — Euclid Beach Park, in its heyday, was the place to be. You could ride the rides for most of the day and cool your feet off in the water.

It closed in 1969, and where the roller coaster once stood is where you now find a mobile home park. It's been here for years, but extended out following the park's demise.

The property, where tenants pay about $300 a month for the land, now belongs to the Western Reserve Land Conservancy following a sale.

"This was an interesting opportunity," Matt Zone, the organization's senior vice president and director of thriving communities, said. "For far too long, this property has been in the hands of out-of-state private interests, and he was finally ready to sell it."

Zone says the conservancy is about preserving land, holding the land and using it for the best interests of the community. They want to conserve this rare lakefront property, but not at the expense of the people who live here.

"Right now, the tenants that live there will have no disruption in their lives," he told 3News. "We want to improve the daily services that they are provided."

High-rises were built inside the former park and there are shopping plazas across the street, but the land conservancy does not appear to be going in that direction. It will never be the attraction that was here before, but it can certainly be remembered for it.

In the meantime, what's next for this 28 acres of land remains to be seen.

"Hopefully, whatever becomes of this space, we can really celebrate and pay homage to the magnificent amusement park that served our community for over 75 years," Zone said.

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