CLEVELAND -- It has been an unsolved mystery for more than 11 years.

Where is Ashley Summers? She was 14 years old when she went missing in July 2007.

FBI officials announced potential new leads in the case Wednesday. Vicki Anderson, with the Cleveland Division of the FBI, says, “We’ve taken another look at the Ashley Summers case, kind of broken it apart. Additional people have been talked to, people have been re-interviewed and asked additional questions and have remembered things that they didn’t report before that have brought us to these 2 areas.”

Authorities say there are possibly two additional areas of interest besides the area of West. 96th and Madison Avenue where Ashley may have last been seen.

The FBI spent the day knocking on doors and canvassing in the 1100 block of Holmden Avenue and the 3400 block of West 44th Street, hoping someone will remember something to jar this 11 year old case loose.

“It is difficult. The more time that passes by, people forget things and people move, but there are so many cases across the united states where closure has come after years. That’s what we’re hoping for,” says Anderson.

This week, more than 30 investigators from a variety of departments are making contact with people who knew Ashley or may have had contact with her prior to July 2007.

Reward money is available to anybody who can provide information that leads to Ashley’s location or identifying the person(s) responsible for her disappearance. Tips can remain anonymous by calling 216-522-1400.

Anderson says, “We’ll follow up on everything until we get an answer. Of course we would like to find Ashley alive and well and find out what the situation was, but we just want resolution for the family.”