The family of Larissa Rodriguez is begging her for answers.

Rodriguez was taken into police custody after a caller in Pakistan alerted police Monday, claiming Rodriguez buried her 5-year-old son, Jordan, in her own backyard.

When questioned of her son's whereabouts, Rodriguez told police he was with his father in Houston, Texas, but could not provide any contact information for him.

On Tuesday, authorities found human remains buried behind Rodriguez's W. 80th Street home. Though they have not been identified, police said the remains are consistent with that of a child.

Rodriguez's sisters sat down with WKYC's Jasmine Monroe to plead for Larissa to reveal the location of the rest of the remains, though no authorities have confirmed the remains are Jordan's.

"I'm begging you, please, call me," one sister said. "...Let me know where the rest of he is. Confide in me. I'm not going to be any madder than I already am. It's already done. I just want to give him the proper burial he deserves."

Cleveland police say they aren't sure what the family is referring to regarding possible additional remains.

Rodriguez's sisters also say they called children's protective services on Larissa numerous times. When children's services visited the home this week, they found it infested with cockroaches and rats. One of Larissa's nine children was seen eating a sandwich that contained cockroaches.

Rodriguez is currently six months pregnant with a baby girl, her sisters say. They also say five children were living in the home, as others had previously been taken by children's services.

The sisters are also begging the fathers of Rodriguez's other children to claim them.

"Please go get your babies. They're in the system," one sister pleaded. "...Step up for these kids. They don't deserve it."

The sisters also think Rodriguez's boyfriend may have been involved in Jordan's death, but he has been in jail since October on unrelated charges. The sisters think Jordan was killed sometime in July or August. The last time they saw him alive was July 17. Two weeks later, Rodriguez told family she found Jordan "half dead" in a closet and sent him away to Texas to visit an aunt.

"Hopefully it does not drag out years. He deserves to rest in peace. He does not deserve this," one sister said.

Rodriguez has not been formally charged in Jordan's death, but remains in police custody.

Her sisters also reached out to their other nieces and nephews.

"I'm so, so sorry that you ended up with a mother like her," one said.

See the interview with the family in the video above.