There is a new allegation of sexual misconduct inside one of Cleveland’s most respected institutions.

This week, letters went out from St. Ignatius High School to alumni who graduated between 1981 and 1985, informing them about a complaint against a clergy member who once served on faculty.

“I recently became aware of allegations of sexual abuse,” wrote Father Raymond Guiao, S.J. “I was deeply troubled by his letter and reached out to him to apologize for what he had suffered.”

The school’s letter did not name the person or indicate where he went next, only that he left in 1982.

Fr. Guiao, a 1982 graduate, also said he wanted to hear from anyone else who may have been abused.

“The fact that it took more than 30 years for this victim to come forward speaks volumes about just how painful his experience must have been,” he wrote. You can read the entire letter below:

Letter from Rev. Raymond F. Guiao, S.J. to St. Ignatius 1981-85 alumni by on Scribd

A spokesperson confirmed the accusations were reported to both the Jesuit Province and civil authorities. In a statement given to WKYC, the school added:

"We take these allegations seriously.

The care and safety of our students is paramount to us. All of our faculty and staff share a commitment to the mission of developing each young man and guiding him in his journey to Christ. We do not tolerate any form of abuse, and we absolutely do not support any efforts to protect abusers.

Saint Ignatius has taken a number of steps over the years to protect our students from predators. We encourage students to approach any adult at Saint Ignatius – priest, teacher, counselor, campus minister or staff member – to report any behavior that concerns them. Our policy requires any school representative who knows or suspects that a student has been subjected to any abuse to immediately notify the civil authorities. We would immediately notify the parents or legal guardian, offer counseling and pastoral support, and keep the name of the accuser confidential. If the report were credible, we would suspend the accused person from his or her position, and cooperate fully with the investigating authorities. This policy has been in place for over fifteen years and is strictly enforced."