CLEVELAND — At Cleveland's Bloom Bakery, the most important ingredient may not be one you can measure.

"It's baked into the bread, but it's not obvious…the consciousness of the people that work here," said Kenneth, a 71-year-old veteran who's a full-time baker at Bloom.

Bloom gives people like Kenneth second chances. He was referred to Towards Employment after he was released from prison. It's a nonprofit that connects people with barriers to employment to training, career opportunities, and a path to self-sufficiency. Bloom is part of TE.

"{You} can cultivate skills here. It really provides you with a platform to be able to do that," he said.

Now Bloom Bakery is getting a hand up from University Hospitals. Packaged loaves are handed off to Orlando Baking Company – to find a sandwich future in the hospital cafeteria.

"We worked with them, together, collaborated, got a great partnership," said culinary director Anthony Verona. "We're helping them make some money. We're helping support the community, and in turn supporting their families."

Bloom is looking to keep growing beyond it's two Cleveland shops to wholesale and corporate catering business. It's wrapping up a crowdfunding campaign to buy more equipment and support a new sales position. You can contribute by clicking here.