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'Stop Asian Hate' march draws crowd from all races and walks of life in Cleveland

Participants said that while the march was in response to recent killing of Asian people in Atlanta, racism against Asain people is nothing new

CLEVELAND — Hundreds of Clevelanders passionately gathered to speak out against Asian hate and racism on Sunday afternoon.

The ‘Stop Asian Hate’ March was organized after the Atlanta shootings in mid-March that killed eight people, six of whom were Asian women.

“We wanted to make our voice heard,” Mint Spelic, one of the participants said.

The words of those who rallied echoed through the streets.

“My people are getting murdered and abused and slaughtered for no reason,” Spelic said.

“We are here today to stand together against racism, misogyny and hate,” a poet at the march said.

The march was a peaceful one, made up of supporters from all walks of life.

“I’m just breally happy to see all these people here,” Spelic said. “All sorts of races, you know?”

“We will not suffer in silence anymore and our pain must be spoken,” another speaker at the march said.

“We are here to recognize and grieve the victims in Atlanta."

But Northeast Ohioans of Asian descent said animosity towards their people has been building for years.

“People say things [to us and about us that] they would not say to others,” march participant Min Zao said.

“I’ve felt subjected to racism my whole life,"Spelic echoed, adding that marches like Sunday’s spark hope not only of a more educated society, but a more equal one, as well.

“You should not have any problem with anyone. We should all live in harmony,” Spelic.

One woman 3News spoke with said she is half Asian, and that while she doesn’t look full Asian, she said her mom does. 

The woman shared taht she is fearful that her mother could be attacked simply because she looks Asian.

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