LYNDHURST, Ohio -- Lyndhurst police are looking for four suspects who allegedly attacked and robbed two teenagers on Halloween night.

Police say the attack happened around 8:30 p.m. on Meadow wood Boulevard and Winchester Road.

While the boys were walking home from trick-or-treating, they were approached by four young men believe to be in their late teens or early 20s. The men allegedly punched and broke the 13-year-old’s nose. They also pushed his 12-year-old friend to the ground before running off with a cellphone and their Halloween candy.

"Did they really need the candy? Did they really need the phone?” asked Lyndhurst police chief Rick Porrello. “Are they proud of what they did, knocking these boys to the ground, taking their candy and their phone."

The 13 year old’s father talked to WKYC about the incident, but did not want to be identified.

He says the attacked happened within minutes. The father says he spoke to his son five minutes before it happened. When he got to the area of where it happened, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

"My kid had blood from here to all the way down. And it was like you got to be kidding me,” the dad said. “I seriously thought he got stabbed."

The neighborhood is a quiet and safe place, he said. On Halloween, police up patrols and pass out glo sticks to kids to keep them safe.

"The one neighbor we talked to said I been here for 30 years, nothing like this has ever happened,” he said one neighbor told him.

That's why he can't believe it would happen to his kid. He says his 13 year old son and his friend wouldn't hurt anybody

"Both of these kids are good kids,” he said. "If my kid go 20 houses away from where I live and be safe on Halloween that's worrisome. It's scary."

His 13 year old son will have to have surgery for his broken nose on Friday. The other kid is doing okay but was shaken up after the incident.

He says it could have been worst but still won't have peace of mind until the men responsible are caught.

"We have to find these guys because if they do it to my kid, I have no doubt they are going to do it to other kids,” he said.

If you have information on the suspects, Lyndhurst police ask for you to give them a call.

The incident remains under investigation.