Emergency crews surrounded Kenston Middle School for the second day in a row after nearly 20 students and staff fell ill, complaining of dizziness. Now, the district says that school will be closed for the remainder of the week.

Administrators say fumes from adhesive used here on roof construction seeped into classrooms, evacuating the school two days in a row.

"It like smelled like throw up, kind of," 6th grader Jimmy Cerha said. "It wasn't a good experience at all. It was a little headache with a stomach ache at the same time."

11 people, including 10 students, were taken to the hospital Tuesday after experiencing dizziness. Jimmy's mom Laura had reservations this morning.

"I wanted to keep him home today, just for precautions," she said. "I didn't think the fumes were out of the school."

She was right: Four staff and three students complained of dizziness today. First responders surrounded the building once more as it was evacuated again. Some students even reported seeing their classmates "throwing up rapidly."

The district says fumes from a roofing adhesive swirled into the school through an air handler, even though the work is happening at night. The Bainbridge Fire Department cleared the building for occupancy Tuesday night, but after issues again today administrators closed the school for the rest of the week. All evening activities are also cancelled.

Other schools in the district will go on as usual. The district says multiple agencies are now investigating to determine other possible causes.

UPDATE: Superintendent Nancy Santilli sent the following note out to parents on Wednesday.

Kenston School Superintendent Nancy Santilli's update to parents by WKYC.com on Scribd