It's been almost 6 years since a boy opened fire inside the crowded cafeteria at Chardon High School.

The recent violence in schools weighing especially heavily on the hearts of families here, like the Parmertors who have lived through it.

After 17 people were shot and killed more than a week ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland FL, collectively this country grieves.

Dina Parmertor feels their pain like most never will.

"I know exactly what those parents are feeling. I just know what they are going through," Dina Parmertor tells us from her Chardon home.

"They are lost. I mean I’m still lost. It takes forever. You don't get over it," Parmertor says

Tuesday marks 6 years since Dina and Bob Parmertor's son Danny went to school and didn't come home.

"I see the calendar going by. I see it, the years the days, but I have no idea how it has been 6 years. I see February 27th 2012," says Parmertor about the day 3 students died, shot at Chardon High School.

“It’s like an emotion that I didn't even know existed," says Danny’s mom.

Dina is in a club she never wanted membership in.

The latest members are families in Florida. The dues? This overwhelming lifetime of loss.

"This terrible club. I hate it. It’s awful. I hate it for them. I hate the feeling. You have to just go day by day," Parmertor says, keeping it real.

There is no universal playbook for this kind of tragedy, but the Parmertors turned a page.

They are making sure Danny Parmertor lives on.

This kid who loved skiing, fishing, motocross, XBox and was a tech enthusiast who was already studying IT at Auburn Career Center, lives on.

His legacy? $139,000 to date in scholarship money to 24 seniors from Chardon since the first scholarships went out in 2013.

That’s the year Danny would have graduated.

Five more scholarships on the way in May.

"They've all said I want to make you proud. I want to make Danny proud. It’s a good thing. They're good kids"


In so MANY ways Danny Parmertor, a good kid, LIVES ON.

The 6th annual Danny Parmertor Memorial Fund Raffle is March 23rd.