It's an ongoing battle that would affect all of Lake County.

On Saturday, Perry Schools Superintendent Jack Thompson and Lake County Commissioner Jerry Cirino hosted a "Save the Perry Nuclear Power Plant" rally at Perry High School.

Two years ago, the plant announced it would be exiting the power business due to 'unfavorable' markets. Since then, public entities like surrounding schools, county-funded programs, and law enforcement have seen a dramatic decrease in funding.

According to Perry Fire Department Chief James McDonald, they're already making cuts. "We have some guys that are retiring and we won't be able to replace them," he told WKYC. "So we'll be running on fewer guys and will be doing a lot more with less. We have to live within our budget and to try to make that money up that is lost is tough for the community."

Lake County Commissioners and Perry's mayor hope to visit Columbus soon to talk about this issue with Governor John Kasich.