Mentor Police arrested two people, Tuesday, after a witness saw them stealing packages from porches in Lake County.

According to reports, Mentor Police received a call, Tuesday from a witness who says they saw a 10-year-old boy stealing a package from the porch of a home on Jeremy Avenue.

The witness stated that the child returned to a red Toyota Corolla and then drove away.

Officials stopped the red Toyota and met with the driver, 18-year-old, Corey Whalen.

Inside the car, officials found 21 packages, totally more that $1,200 in merchandise.

The addresses on the packages indicated that the items were stolen from other homes in the area.

Marijuana and paraphernalia were also confiscated from the car.

Whalen is charged with theft, receiving stolen property, possessing marijuana and paraphernalia and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The minor was referred to Lake County Juvenile Court.