Wickliffe High School Principal Shyla Urban is really mad.

"Anyone who thinks we're having a pep rally today, we're not now," she screamed. "I am not a happy camper."

She took the football players to task.

"I am seething! Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone?"

They reacted with stunned silence.

"Do you want to know what it is? We're having a pep rally!!"

Oh she got them: When they players were asked if she scared them, they simply replied, "Yeah!"

So now the team is in on the secret, and the band was told earlier. Now it was time to punk the entire student body.

All were ordered into the gym, and eavesdropping.

"You just lost half your players for the game tonight and you're in here having a party?," she snapped.

You could hear a pin drop, and she even used WKYC for part of the prank.

"You're going to see a news crew because apparently Wickliffe students were planning something really disrespectful for the game tonight and thought it was really funny," she said. "So we actually have to tell the whole world over here that we aren't like that and that's not going to happen."

The joke ended when the lights went out, and to everyone's relief, a real pep rally started.

Wickliffe school spirit was overflowing, with one student showing it in her own way.

Freshman majorette Rachel Sumrada lost her leg as an infant and wears a prosthetic. Still, nothing holds her back, and she hopes others can learn from her.

"People who have to start amputations and everything as their older...really need to understand that they have a life other than amputation," she said. "They can still live and do the things that they love, even though they have a little bit of an issue."

Rachel shows her school pride on her prosthetic as well, as the company that made it designed it with her school colors.

Wickliffe will take on Black River in the second round of the D-V football playoffs tonight in North Ridgeville.