Snapchat can be a fun way to express yourself, but in Willard, the app took a serious turn when 6 students were accused of posting and sharing nude photos.

The investigation began when a student told school officials that a classmate posted nude photos to snapchat of another Willard student.

"That student came in and she broke down into tears in the principal's office and said it was not [her] picture," Superintendent Jeff Ritz said. "We believe her."

Six students were suspended and their cell phones confiscated and turned over to Willard Police, who are conducting a criminal investigation.

While Ritz says every student involved was cooperative, he’s disappointed this happened especially after holding two assembly’s on leaving a clean digital footprint.

"You look at it and say this could never happen here, and you find that it could happen anywhere."

We reached out to one of the speakers who came to Willard high school back in December, and she told us she was heartbroken.

"I am very disappointed," CEO of TBH Anti-Bulling Campaign Britain Bennett said. "I think the children and staff need to be educated more and make sure this is something that’s never taken lightly."

In March, the district will be holding more assemblies to remind students that this is a form of bullying and it won’t be tolerated.