City of Ashtabula home inspector, John Artuso, was indicted on Thursday on three felony charges.

For years, officials were investigating him in connection to doing dirty deals, accepting money for passing home inspections and soliciting prostitutes while on the job, but he isn’t being jailed for any of that.

Instead, after a story aired on WKYC about Artuso’s alleged involvement in theft from a vacant home, a woman came forward with new information.

In a press release, prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci wrote: “The alleged victim in this case contacted law enforcement indicating that, during his performance of a purported housing inspection in September 2017 while the alleged victim was present, Artuso forcibly raped her.”

"You think you can trust people who are coming in your house that work for the city, I mean I can't even begin to imagine,” one resident said.

"You rape a woman, you are absolutely a piece of garbage,” an Ashtabula homeowner, said. “You're below that asphalt."

Artuso was arrested on Thursday and charged with Rape and Kidnapping, two first-degree felonies as well as Sexual Battery, a third-degree felony.

The arraignment date has not been set yet, but Artuso will remain at the Ashtabula County Jail until then.