SANDUSKY (AP) - Police say a passer-by caught a small child who fell from the roof of a porch at an Ohio home.

The woman, Jill Harper, says she was driving down the street when she saw an infant hanging off of a gutter.

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think I thought I was seeing what I really was seeing,” says Harper.

Harper realized she was too short to reach up and bring the boy down and that's when panic set in. Harper says,“I started banging on the house while I was still holding on to him, then he fell and he landed on my arms.”

Sandusky police say the infant is an 18-month-old boy that darted away quickly when his guardian's back was turned. Sgt Youskievicz says, “She went off to use the restroom and for that quick second, the child was able to get up on the second floor and the window was open, and crawled outside.”

Harper returned the child back inside the home and left. The Sandusky Police, and others, are calling her a hero. However, she doesn't want the title.

“I don’t think I’m a hero, I just saw a baby hanging from a roof. Who wouldn’t stop and help the baby? I just did what I think anybody would do,” said Harper.

Police say Children Services were notified and it's been found to be an isolated incident. The couple says they are fixing the window so that the little boy can't crawl out of it again.