DOYLESTOWN, Ohio -- It was a perfect fall evening for Angel Rose and her family a few weeks ago until a buzzing noise caught her attention.

"We were cooking out and we noticed bees flying around, and they were going in and out of the plug," Rose said.

Yellow jackets had taken over her kitchen, even breaking the garbage disposal before Angel noticed the magnitude of the problem.

"They were here and there. You would see them in the window cell or on the floor," Rose said.

It's not uncommon for bees to gather during the fall, according to experts. That's because these insects start working on their homes months earlier.

"So, in June and July, they're really just getting started, you know, little baby nests ...throughout August, they're doubling in size," Marie Canfora, owner of Buzz Kill Bee Prevention said.

Those larger nests can house about 1,000 to 2,000 bees, and that's nothing for a homeowner to try and fix themselves, Canfora says.

"We understand bees have a purpose in the environment, but we're here for folks who can't have bees in their house or in their kitchen, or getting stung. And, especially those who are allergic," Canfora said.

The removal process is usually quick. Even if the bees return, Buzz Kill will come out and spray again for free.

The message for homeowners with bee problems, according to Canfora, is, "don't try this at home,"

"It's not something you want to mess around with. Just one sting can leave a very big swell."

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