Flooding in a Stark County neighborhood has left homeowners stranded – or left using boats to get in and out of their homes. More than six feet of water surrounds homes in Pike Township near East Sparta.

James F. Moore Jr. was getting ready to head out on his boat to return to his Dueber Ave. home on early Monday evening.

“I have friends who say ‘oh my God, you’re stuck in the water?’” Moore Jr. said. “I’m like ‘yeh, it’s fine. It keeps the riff raff out.”

It’s been about a week since the flooding blocked the driveways and roadways in the area. But while the photos may be shocking to some, Moore Jr. said he’s used to it.

“Ten years ago, we had a flood that was a little worse than this one, and we weren’t able to drive out of our homes for about a month.

While it may be a normal occurrence for those who live in the area, some were shocked when they came across Kevin Mckinney’s drone photos, posted on his business page, of the flooding in Pike Township – and in Tuscarawas County.

“The reason the water is so high is because they have the dam closed at Boliver,” Moore Jr. said.

Pike Township’s road superintendent confirmed the closure to WKYC, noting that they can’t open the dam because there’s already flooding south of the area.

About ten homeowners in the Pike Twp. Neighborhood are forced to use boats – or wait it out which can take weeks. At this point, there’s no timetable on when the water will recede and how long it will take for cleanup.