A Campbell County family received an unexpected Christmas gift a little early -- a baby boy.

The delivery came faster than the speed limit.

Sometimes, the right place and the right time aren't enough.

"It really was a Christmas miracle," said Campbell County deputy John Minor. "It basically couldn't have went any better."

You need the right person as well.

"We can just thank the Lord for that...that everything went the way it was supposed to go," Minor said.

Minor was that person, and December 20th was that time.

"If it wasn't for John, I really don't think our son would've been at the hospital in time," Brittney McMahan said.

"I was where the Lord had me be at that moment," Minor said.

On a whim, he decided to visit old friends, Brittney and her husband Aaron.

"It was the right place at the right time," Minor said.

As he arrived, the McMahan's youngest son was ready to see the world for the first time, just 33 weeks into the pregnancy.

And Minor was ready.

"Your training takes over," Minor said.

Minor leaned on what he learned serving seven tours in Iraq and on the job as a deputy.

"About the closest we came was an EMBT course, which didn't teach me to deliver children," Minor said.

But that's exactly what he coached Aaron to do while driving to the hospital, lights flashing.

"Minor had to walk him through the steps to make sure he was breathing, Aaron had to clear his airway," Brittney said.

Aaron cleared his son's airway successfully, saving his life, and they made it to the hospital.

And the right name for the newborn?

"For John, we named our son after him, we were just grateful that he was there," Brittney said.

It's Russell James McMahan.

"He'll definitely be doing some fishing and hunting with me, I fish and hunt with his grandfather all the time," Minor said. "We'll definitely be hanging out, and he'll probably end up being a police officer one day."

Brittney said this was the first time the hospital workers ever put "in a patrol car" as a location on the birth certificate.

Russell should be home from the NICU in about a week.