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Ohio Gov. John Kasich reacts to President Trump slam on LeBron James: 'We should be celebrating him'

Gov. Kasich also said that LeBron James is 'all-around better than Michael Jordan.'

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- President Trump's tweet, in which he took a jab at LeBron James, is gaining a flood of reaction.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich tweeted the following message early Saturday morning: "Rather than criticizing @KingJames, we should be celebrating him for his charity work and efforts to help kids. By the way, all-around he’s better than Michael Jordan. That’s a fact."

His response comes just hours after President Trump tweeted late Friday night about James not being smart.

Other reactions from Ohio politicians include...

Congressman Tim Ryan tweeted, "I think @realDonaldTrump could stand to learn a thing or two from @KingJames. Instead of tweeting about him, he should try following his example."

Representative for the 34th District, Emilia Sykes, tweeted, "Somebody come get y’alls President. He picked the wrong one."

James opened his I PROMISE school in Akron earlier this week.

Watch James’ interview with Lemon: